Speakers and event pages

The Fest theme contains a custom post type – Speakers. As you can see in the back-end, there is a special tab in the sidebar:

Using this tab you can add new speakers. Please remember few important facts:

1) The speakers category layout:

is strictly connected with the category view override based on the following syntax:


in our demo we have created category Speakers with slug speakers, so we have used the following filename:


Event pages

Some pages like Sponsors or Schedule are based on the custom page template – Event page. It is a normal page but with the special header:

The title of this type is created automatically using the Event page layout.


Sponsor #1 Sponsor #4 Sponsor #5 Sponsor #2 Sponsor #3


La Cursa... edició ESPECIAL 2021

Benvolguts i benvolgudes. Primer de tot us volem demanar disculpes per la immediatesa de donar a conèixer l’edició d’aquesta any 2021…

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